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What Class Do I Take?

We offer a variety of classes at NORTH POLE Dance Studio. Here's a quick description to help you choose which pole dance class is best for you.

  • poleSTART - This pole dance class focuses on the basics and fundamental moves of pole dancing. This is a great class to take if it's your first-time pole dancing.

  • poleDANCE Stage 1: Tricks & Techniques - Once you've completed poleSTART, this is your next class. You must be able to do a fireman climb confidently and pole sit comfortably.

  • poleDANCE Stage 2: Combos & Transitions - This pole dancing class is where you'll see your Stage 1 moves flow together in combinations. You'll learn how to transition from one move to another. This class is good to take once you're familiar with most Stage 1 moves (may take with Stage 1 simultaneously).

  • poleDANCE Intermediate - In order to enroll in this class, you must be able to confidently invert and demonstrate combo 1 and combo 2 posted on our Instagram @northpoleds (can be found on our 'COMBOS' highlight button).

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking our supplemental classes alongside your pole dance class to help strengthen and condition your body for pole dance. No experience necessary. Beneficial to everyone.

  • polePOWER - Pole fitness class that breaks down pole dance moves and turns them into a workout. This fitness class will focus on your grip strength, core strength, and upper body strength. Highly recommended for everyone looking to gain more strength and endurance. 

  • poleSTRETCH - Stretch out your back and get your splits down in this flexibility class. 

  • aerialFIT - We use yoga hammocks to deepen the stretch and practice a few aerial sequences.

We also have dance and dance fitness classes that help with your musicality.

  • TWERK Booty Workout - Dance fitness class that works the lower part of your body and helps you isolate your largest muscle.

  • floorDANCE - Learn new dance moves and improve your choreography skills. Part of pole dancing is learning how to move when you're not on the pole.

  • choreoPOLE - Every week will teach you a different style of dance. This class will help with your grasp on choreography and musicality.

OPENpole - No instruction. It's just you and the pole. Use this time to practice moves you've learned or practice your routine. 

If you still have questions on which class to start with, call or text the studio at 210-454-8558.






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Everyday we strive to be the best pole dance studio in San Antonio, providing the best pole dancing classes in San Antonio.

North Pole Dance Studio is the first completely co-ed pole dance studio in San Antonio, Texas and the first pole dance studio in the Stone Oak area. We believe pole dancing is for everyone to enjoy and welcome all genders. We've structured our pole dancing classes so you can learn at your own pace. We understand that everyone has a different learning curve and we leave it up to you to move forward when you are ready.

Let’s create a community that encourages positivity, confidence, empowerment, love, and respect.  

We offer Pole Dancing classes in San Antonio, TX. 

North Pole Dance Studio