She has been dancing for over 11 years. Pole dancing is her passion and her only source of fitness. She received her Bachelor's in Education and served in the U.S. Army's medical support staff. Alisa is a proud mother to a handsome young man and a beautiful kitty cat. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, eating endless amounts of sushi, and loves teaching. 




She handles the daily operations at the studio. She earned her Bachelor's in Finance which became a great addition to her experience in accounting, marketing, and customer service. She also teaches the basic fundamental moves in poleSTART. Her passion is business and ice cream. She also enjoys movies, dancing, and loves archery!



Kimberly swam collegiately and has been coaching and teaching swim for the past 15 years. She's a mermaid! Our multi-talented Kim loves aerial silks, lyra hoop, lollipop, and more. She will help you get stronger, flexible, and learn aerial sequences in her aerialFIT class.



Andrea started her dance training at a very young age. She's also no stranger to competition. Representing her school 3 years in a row at the Universal Dance Association Nationals Competition, Andrea brings her experience and positive energy to the studio by leading our choreoPOLE class.



To say she loves dancing is an understatement. Dance and fitness are her passions. She brings her high energy, fun-loving, infectious vibe to our studio every time. You can not put Ambrosia and boring in the same sentence. She will bring the best out of you.



Arthur is a professional circus artist and instructor. He has been a program director and head coach of multiple circus programs across the United States and has started an acrobatic gymnastics program from Seattle to San Antonio. Arthur was a nationally ranked Men's artistic gymnast before he ran away and joined the circus. With specialties in partner and group acrobatics, as well as contortion, he is ready to bring 30 years of experience to North Pole Dance Studio.



A photographer by profession and pole dancer at heart. Her pole dance style is a combination of strength and sexy! A future competitor, Heather is no stranger to challenges. She will help you learn more pole moves after you've completed poleSTART. She is your Stage 1: Tricks and Techniques instructor.



Ricardo started as a student but has progressed quickly into a powerful pole dancer. He will help you get the basics down and have you climbing in no time. Join his poleSTART class on Sundays.

Want to join our team?



Do you have a passion for pole dancing? Think you can bring your dance style to our studio?


We are always willing to meet people who have a passion for teaching dance. Someone who shares our company core values and who can be a model representative of North Pole Dance Studio. Instructors who have the patience to teach others how to master this art form while promoting confidence and joy. Show us what you got, whether it's pole dance, heels, hip hop, Latin, or twerk.    


If you envision yourself becoming a team member at North Pole Dance Studio, please submit your name, contact info, a short video of your routine, a brief summary about yourself, and why you think you'd be a great addition to our dynamic team.


DM us on Instagram @northpoleds or send it to with a Subject Line "NPDS Instructor".


We look forward to hearing from you!




Alisa + Kristine

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