All sales are final. No refunds. Classes and memberships are non-transferable. Prices are subject to sales and use tax of 8.25% per the State of Texas.

In regards to COVID-19, all sales are final BUT if you need to make a class cancelation, we will gladly extend your pass so you can take the class once you are cleared. 



You cannot stack promotions/discounts (i.e., discounts/promos do not apply to early bird pricing, promo pricing, and goods and services already on sale). All sales are final. No rescheduling allowed. You forfeit your payment/promotion if you cancel/no show to your reserved time. Other restrictions may apply. See the promo for more details.



Full payment must be received prior to the beginning of class. We use Mindbody to book classes online and at the studio.

Declined payments will incur a $25 processing fee. Applies to commitment contracts.


RESERVATION REQUIRED. No walk-ins at this time. If a class/open pole has no reservations 1 hour BEFORE the class/open pole begins, we reserve the right to cancel the class/open pole.



Once a class is full, you can sign up to be on the waitlist. When someone cancels their spot, you will get a notification that you've been signed up for the class and you will be removed from the waitlist. You will be responsible to abide by the payment and cancellation policy.


Please make sure you are able to commit to attending when placing yourself on the waitlist. The system will automatically place you in the class when someone drops out and you will be charged if you do not attend.



LATE ARRIVALS: DO NOT BE LATE TO CLASS. Due to recent events concerning COVID-19, we are conducting entry procedures. No entry allowed once class begins.


LATE CANCELLATIONS/NO SHOWS: You will be charged a $15 fee if you cancel less than 3 hours before your class starts or no show. To clarify, early cancellation is canceling 3 (or more) hours before your scheduled class. If you cancel within 3 hours from when the class is going to start, we consider this a late cancelation. 

For example: Class begins at 1pm.

Early cancel (no fee): You canceled before 10am.

Late cancel (fee): You canceled between 10am-1pm.

No show (fee): You didn't show up to your scheduled class.

Late cancellation/No show charge is at the discretion of the studio owners.


CLASS PACKAGES: Late cancellations/No shows will reflect in your package by marking your missed class as used. It will automatically deduct a class from your remaining classes.


PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: You may cancel 24 hours prior to the beginning of your private session without being charged. After the cancellation window, you will be charged for the full price of the session.

All sales are final. No refunds.

PROMOTIONS: If you cancel or no show to a class you used a promotion on, you forfeit the payment/promotion for that class.


Due to recent events concerning COVID-19, we are enforcing the changes in our studio policies. If you find it hard to abide by our policies at this time, we ask that you return to the studio once we are able to loosen our policies.

Our studio is a judgement-free zone. Please be kind and respectful to our team, instructors, and your fellow students.

If you are sick or feeling sick (experiencing flu-like symptoms), stay home. We have to right to refuse service if we believe you are sick. Do not come to the studio if you believe you have or have tested positive for COVID-19. If you have traveled outside the country or areas with known cases of COVID-19, self-quarantine for at least 14 days to make sure you aren't infected before coming to the studio.

Please follow the most recent regulations/executive order on face coverings by the State of Texas. Practice social distancing when possible. Wash/sanitize your hands properly before class.

Each class will have a maximum capacity of 10 students. Common area/waiting lounge will be closed. Access to bathroom is available. 

Class registration is REQUIRED. No walk-ins will be accepted at this time. Make sure you receive a confirmation for your reservation. If you're not sure, please call the studio at 210-454-8558 to confirm your reservation was successful. You may also check your Mindbody account to confirm your reservation with date and time.

Aside from poles, pins, and crash mats, the studio will not be providing equipment. We highly recommend students bring their own equipment such as yoga mat, ankle weights, alcohol spray, grip aids, and water bottle.

Alcohol spray bottles will no longer be provided at the studio. However, we will provide a cleaning solution for the pole. We recommend using grip aid(s) if you are having problems staying on the pole. Cleaning solution we provide is not for body use. If you need alcohol and since it's hard to find these days, we recommend using Vodka with at least 70% alcohol content (not proof). Make sure to clean off all residue off your pole after use.

If a class/open pole has NO reservations 1 hour BEFORE the class/open pole begins, we reserve the right to cancel the class/open pole.


If you are early to your class, please wait patiently outside the studio or in your vehicle until we are finished properly cleaning the studio between classes. A team member will open the doors once the studio is ready.

DO NOT BE LATE TO CLASS. Due to recent events, we are conducting entry procedures for safety reasons. You will not be allowed to enter once the class has started.


Please silence your cellphones during class. If you have an important phone call, please step out of the studio.


Please ask permission from your fellow students before involving them in your photos/videos. Everyone has a different comfort level. Please respect each other’s take on privacy.


Everyone inside the studio must be enrolled in the class and have a submitted Waiver and Release of Liability. 


Waiver of Release of Liability is REQUIRED for all participants of North Pole Dance Studio.


Minors must submit all required forms BEFORE attending a class. 


Classes and memberships are NON-TRANSFERABLE. All sales are final. No refunds.


No gum, alcoholic beverages, and food allowed in the studio. Rule of thumb: If you make a mess, clean it up.

Only shatterproof containers are allowed. Absolutely no glass or any material that may shatter. Keep in mind that we are all barefoot!


No smoking in the studio, waiting lounge, and restrooms. If you must smoke, please use the designated smoking areas of the plaza.

SAFETY FIRST! Use a crash mat. Even professionals use crash mats. Use a crash mat. SAFETY FIRST!


Clean the equipment (pole, yoga mat, crash mat, etc.) before and after use and return them to their designated areas.

We are using the following cleaning solutions at the studio: Windex with Vinegar (cleans residue), Lysol Disinfectant Spray (disinfectant), Lysol Disinfecting Wipes (disinfectant), Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner (disinfectant), Lucas-Cide (hospital grade disinfectant)



Open Pole is for pole use only and is available at specified times during the day. You must share the space and comply with team members of North Pole Dance Studio. Be conscious of your surroundings. Studio music will be playing in the background. You may record yourself at the studio, but before doing so, please inform people in the scope of your camera.

  • Use earphones, headphones, air pods if you prefer to listen to your own music. 

  • ONE pole per person. Clean your pole after use and make sure it doesn't have grip aid residue.

  • Instructor(s) use this time to train too. Please do not bother them.

  • If you used any studio equipment, please place them back in their designated area.



Private parties must be scheduled in advance. FULL payment is due at booking. You may cancel 2 weeks prior to your reserved date for a partial refund of 65%. After the cancellation window, there are no refunds. You are solely responsible and will be charged for any missing items/damages caused to the studio and its contents during your party. 


*Please call the studio for private party bookings.

*Premium charges apply to Friday & Saturday evening parties (after 6:30pm).

*8.25% sales tax applies at checkout.


**Studio Policies apply to all participants at North Pole Dance Studio**

**Studio policies and prices are subject to change without notice**